CNN Interview with BKS Iyengar
aged 95, wonderful!
BKS Iyengar 1918 - 2014
Iyengar Yoga 2014 Convention

The 2014 Iyengar Yoga Convention was held in Harrogate between May 3rd and 5th.  For the first time, Abhijata, grand-daughter of BKS Iyengar, taught the convention alone.  We worked hard, learnt loads, and had fun.  I'd looked forward to the event - and it exceeded my expectations.  Abhi teaches so knowledgeably, with unflappable confidence, clarity and kindness.  
The future of Iyengar Yoga is bright!
Hundreds of us at the convention
My second visit to the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute

I had a really wonderful month in Pune and was very fortunate to be taught by BKS Iyengar himself. His teaching was like no other. He had so much compassion, and the detailed subtle instructions enabled you to do more than you ever thought possible.
Guruji was 94 and each day he came to practice with the senior students. He showed us in all humility that yoga is for all ages and stages of life. It was moving and inspiring.
As well as daily classes I enjoyed the celebration of the 38th birthday of the Institute which included a cultural morning of Indian traditional music and dance, medical and philosophical talks, and a delicious buffet lunch.
My trip was also great fun socially - and thanks to my yoga buddies for that!
National Iyengar Yoga Day
January 2016
There was an excellent turn out of nearly 50 people who came to celebrate National Iyengar Yoga Day at the Xcel centre in Coventry.  Thanks to everyone who made it such a success!
Photos from this year’s event