About me
I had studied with different teachers from other forms of yoga for nine years, moving from one to another. Finding Iyengar yoga in 1996 was a revelation.  I quickly realised that Iyengar yoga would make a positive difference to my life.  I had stumbled across a senior teacher in Jayne Orton who has visited the Iyengar Institute in Pune many times, and continue to attend her classes.
Gradually I saw the way yoga worked positively on the mind and emotions, through the practical tool of the poses.  I became fascinated also, by the endless amount there is to learn - the learning never ends in Iyengar yoga.  The more I study, the more it all fits together.  
It was a joy to have found a system of yoga which acknowledges the many different kinds of over-flexibility or stiffness people have, and shows how to work with problems to improve.  The emphasis on safety means lifelong practice is an attainable goal, as Mr Iyengar himself demonstrated.  He was an inspiration, and now his method continues, safe in the hands of his successors.

Having spent a lifetime in education, many things in Iyengar Yoga appeal:

All these are very reassuring to me.